Wednesday, 15 March 2017


More of my house and location of the Title Sequence.. 

Mise-en-scene Part 3

All together all the photographs and Objects in the Vintage box end up looking like this...

Mise-en-scene Part 2

We used a mixture of Fiona'a own collection of her family photos an ones we took off the internet of Tom Hanks's personal life like his wedding, children and wife. The ones we took off the internet of Tom Hank's we printed them in black and white to give a more older feel to the actual photograph.

However we may not use them as close up as we don't want to see Tom Hanks actual wife as she isn't the wife in the narrative. Also we thought of making the photos have an older feel we ripped and bent the corner of each photograph to make them look worn out and used.

Me and Fiona thought about using this Pictures of soldiers but we found out they are soldiers from America which doesn't fit in with our Narrative as its based in England and doesn't really fit with the other pictures.

Mise-en-scene Part 1

Fiona collected these objects and box from her house as she likes vintage/older collectable things. Together as a group we

decided on what we wanted exactly in the box like Photographs, Rings,Passport,Records and special objects you would keep in real life. 

The vintage box

Old cameras and records the more bulkier items of the box to fill it up. 

Old toys (Marbles), Pocket Watch and Photo frame

Fiona's great grandmothers engagement ring has a really good feel to it as the box makes it look old which is perfect for our title sequence also links in with our narrative as 'Walter Murphy' had a wife.


We decided to shoot a few shots of our box items as that is our main focus in our title sequence. Fiona brought in a yellow table cloth which went with our idea of having our typography in a mustard yellow colour like Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom'

We took videos of Opening the box and then closing it just to make sure the box is straight on the table and on camera. We tried to use the tripod to get straight non shaky shots but we couldn't get the angle we wanted which was birds eye view. After figuring out we could use Lilly to stand over Oliver and he camera we ended up staying like that until we changed props. I made oliver first start to take things out of the box but that ended up becoming to confusing ad didn't give us the right effect. So fiona came up with the idea of laying out all the objects on the table in a sophisticated and neat way. We used a tracker/dolly to get the birds eye view shot of the objects by me and Fiona on either side holding the dolly then Lilly pushing the camera along it.

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